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Nurturing is the Key

Every child has uniqueness and require complimenting atmosphere to grow.
If we understand the strengths & stretches of a child, we can provide them the right environment to blossom.


Understand Your Child

Know and Understand your child’s inborn talents, strengths and capabilities. Help your child build a better & happy future.
Learn the best postive parenting tips to nurture your child. Build a better and happy future for your child


Recognizing Inborn Talent leads to success

Hard work and efforts are important…but knowing exactly where to put your efforts makes all the difference.
If you know your inborn talents, you will succeed.


Make the Right Choice

Life has no backspace button!
Know yourself and your purpose to avoid trial & error.


Respect your uniqueness

You are unique and respect that.
Unleash your natural skills and talents.


Know What to Ignore



Couple Compatibility…..

Compatibility is not about compromise. It is all about mutual understanding.
We help identify the key innates using D.N.A and provide guidance for a happy and healthy relationship.


Avoid Stress

Studies suggest that long term exposure to stress can destroy neurons of the brains permanently.
If an individual goes against nature, result is stress. D.N.A. aids in discovering your right strengths and inborn talents avoiding stress building situations.

Our Clients Say

“Thank you Bijal for this wonderful session. Mihir and I were so amazed the way you explained Sia’s report." Read More

- Mihir P

“Concept Explanation and details in the report were very well explained. All my questions were answered. ” Read More

- Maria A

“It is amazing how a human brain works. I found out about my personality traits and learning styles at a later stage in life. ” Read More

- Jonathan P.

“A big “Thank You” Bijal. We got her reference from one of our friends and decided to consult her for our son. ” Read More

- Grishma P

“We as parents are at a critical juncture where we seek support for our child to identify possible career”Read More

- Viral D

“I was so amazed to see how she explained every single trait that I possess. She gave a deep understanding of my behavioral ” Read More

- Payal S

“I recommend parents to connect with Bijal. Her assessment about my child revealed vital information, which I was unaware of. ” Read More

- Paula R.
- Kevin P.

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